Wednesday, 24 February 2010

life is a big delicious PEACH

i've been pretty lousy recently with updating my show and its blog. i've been away in the white stuff, so the last two weeks show was none existant. i've also been very busy with uni.. each day is a merge of another and i'm not sure i can keep up!
so this week and up untill the 10th of march i am heavily campaigning with james hughes, and his giant media peach - fighting for creativity and enthusiasm. (multimedia editor, head of media executive for loughborough university) it'd be silly for anyone to say that media isn't important. and i genuinely believe that this is just his first step into the spotlight. he's going big places.
so if you're a loughborough student please check out his website! voting is 8th 9th and 10th

aside from that. musically wise, recently i've been listening a lot to broken bells, efterklang, frightened rabbit, sparklehorse, fanfarlo - of which i'll be playing monday!

peachy x