Friday, 29 January 2010

25th of january fly by

sup yall, creation of the blog from last weeks show - i have been immersed in exams but i am nowwww free.
Monday didn't go as well as the previous week, i was tired and the studio failed me for the first 10 minutes (i probably should just take the blame rather than find things to blame)

showlist - here goes (click on the title and it goes to spotify (if the songs there) if not then yadddayadda)

Monsters of Folk - Baby Boomer - or - i've gone on about this band for weeks, always been in love with connor oberst and his music, music which i've (personally) seen a lot with. dont forget about m. ward and zooey - she & him ! mike mogis (bright eyes) and jim james, who is also a delight, goes by yim yames? - he did a cover of george harrisons, my sweet lord which is beautiful (linked to spotify)
Yeasayar - Ambling Alp - this band first stormed my ears with 2080 and Sunrise a year or so back. the new album is out now? the video is worth watching its so weird in such a good way.
Laura Marling - Goodbye England (covered in snow) - i probably shoud've played this before christmas or at least when we had snow, ah. her new album is out the earlier part of this year so you mayaswell watch out for it - if its anything like her last it'll be beautiful.
Brand New – Noro - saw Brand New at wembely over the weekend, yeahhhhhh
Gorillaz - Stylo (feat. mos def and bobby womack) - the cartoon clan are back, new album 'plastic beach' is out soooooon
Rebelution – Feeling Alright - (for ben chandler !)
Washington - One Man band - a female vocalist from australia, shes been around for ages but i've only just come across her, clemantine is her last ep came out over a year ago.

Nick Drake - Black eyed dog - Nick Drake, i first heard of him when talking to my grandma - she used to date him back in the 40-50's - so cool. then i started listening to his music and i found it quite moving. i then found out that Heath ledger was obsessed with him and he actually died in the same way as nick drake, overdoes of anti-depressents. i've embedded the video that Ledger made before he died, which i find weirdly haunting.

FREE LOVEEEEEE - - john candy, played them last week - heres his 2nd song up from the new album which is out soon. its a lovely song.


Monday, 18 January 2010

January 18th 2010

Here is a tracklist from tonights show, I'm short on time so I haven't gone into any depth. I've linked you to myspaces or 's or youtubes. in the coming weeks i'll add more to my blogs, like extra songs / places to download. but for now, this. for my bed i was using a band called Flutterspot - for those of you who might have been interested? ah! see you next week. x

She & Him - Why do you let me stay here (Volume One) - with the beautiful Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward - if youre into Folk and havent already checked out then its worth giving Monsters of Folk a listen, M. Ward alongside Yim Yames, Connor Oberst and Mike Mogis
Laura Viers - July Flame (from the album July Flame) - here is a review of the album at drowned in sound -
Peggy Sue - Lover Gone
Bishop Allen - Dimmer (Micheal Tapper, former member of We Are Scientists)

Band of the week..
John Candy - the side project of the lovely Ant West, his solo album out the 8th of Feb. i've posted a link so keep on eye on that. (the photo also has George the drummer in it, but it cut him out and i cant fix it right now.. ) If you like the sound of his voice you may also be interested in Futures -

For those of you with a spotify account - here is a link to the songs played that were on spotify (i just realised that this will be quicker, for next week! ha)