Monday, 18 January 2010

January 18th 2010

Here is a tracklist from tonights show, I'm short on time so I haven't gone into any depth. I've linked you to myspaces or 's or youtubes. in the coming weeks i'll add more to my blogs, like extra songs / places to download. but for now, this. for my bed i was using a band called Flutterspot - for those of you who might have been interested? ah! see you next week. x

She & Him - Why do you let me stay here (Volume One) - with the beautiful Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward - if youre into Folk and havent already checked out then its worth giving Monsters of Folk a listen, M. Ward alongside Yim Yames, Connor Oberst and Mike Mogis
Laura Viers - July Flame (from the album July Flame) - here is a review of the album at drowned in sound -
Peggy Sue - Lover Gone
Bishop Allen - Dimmer (Micheal Tapper, former member of We Are Scientists)

Band of the week..
John Candy - the side project of the lovely Ant West, his solo album out the 8th of Feb. i've posted a link so keep on eye on that. (the photo also has George the drummer in it, but it cut him out and i cant fix it right now.. ) If you like the sound of his voice you may also be interested in Futures -

For those of you with a spotify account - here is a link to the songs played that were on spotify (i just realised that this will be quicker, for next week! ha)

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